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:) but it would probably not be the same if husband and wife of played common pair in the film, or was it? I love how natural & comfortable they are with each other. But in episode 12 "Whisper" has regenerated and comes out on top again.. But hey, you'll never be able to satisfy everybody. I definitely will keep on watching it with an open mind. Another stupid doing on her behalf, who surprisingly is also a cop! She gets her dads phone and doesn't copy the crucial evidence to present or even keep, but gives the phone with the only copy to a judge that she "hopes" won't be corrupt. It would be interesting if the role of the drama "defendant" and "Whisper" exchanged among themselves Ji Sung (now husband Lee Bo-Young) and Lee Sang-Yoon .... Anyway, on the drama is very I looking forward, especially just for the cast. It was him T^T I was so happy, he's underrated, but still one of my favorite actors and hopefully he can get some spotlight this time Everyone has their own opinion. this duo back again after starring in Seo Young, my daughter.

Zero dating drama

The leads and supporting casts have shown sincerity to their acting. even in Hollywood dramas and movies, if its Action there's Romance in it. Thank you Just finished watching ep1 and getting hooked, can't wait for episode 2.

Great decision by the director to cast both of them - Lee Sang Yoon & Lee Bong Young.

-In the end, the drama becomes a drag with irrelevant elements of romance. This drama totally deserves high respect bcoz it shows what exactly happen in real life now. hopefully theres more promising kdrama in the future. from 1st up to 16th is so damn exciting and intriguing episode! heartbreaking that she going to arrest Lee Dong-Joon! The focus has always been about finding out the truth and going after all those who are corrupt.

I love you so much oppa Intense drama, full of twists. -The bargaining power of different secrets is somewhat unrealistic. The storyline is good and all the actors chemistry also good. And also for the people who keep asking for romance, please remember that romance is not the main focus here.

He said: ‘They were pushed by the BBC into contracting through personal service companies.

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