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For example, if the supplied reader had Whitespace Handling.

None set, this validating reader also ignores whitespace.

Write-only Sets the Xml Resolver used for resolving external DTD and schema location references.

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When the same name is returned multiple times (for example, Customer), then the same String object will be returned for that name.

This makes it possible for you to write efficient code that does object comparisons on these strings instead of expensive string comparisons. Changing the state of the returned reader (for example, calling one of the read methods) can lead to unpredictable results.

Xml Parser Context context = new Xml Parser Context(null, nsmgr, null, Xml Space. reader = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Frag, Xml Node Type. Has Attributes){ for (int i=0; i A networked XML document is comprised of chunks of data aggregated using various W3C standard inclusion mechanisms and therefore contains nodes that come from different places.

Element, context); //Read the attributes on the root element. DTD entities are an example of this, but this is not limited to DTDs.

This property can be changed on the fly and takes effect after the next Xml Validating Reader. When Entity Handling is set to Expand Char Entities, attribute values are only partially normalized.

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