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Users' dating stories are retold in gory detail on the blog-a-log, and rarely do the five writers (who rotate and are voted off based on reader responses) disappoint.

It’ll be easy for your friend to make casual conversation with your target because she’s not invested in the outcome.

“I’m really shy, so when I see a hottie who’s with someone, I send in a wing woman to go chat them up and get the scoop,” says Jill from New York City.

Flirt Fact: First impressions are 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and 7% what you actually say, so don’t make yourself crazy trying to think of a brilliant first line when she approaches. ” “I’m fine when it comes to talking, it’s moving in for the kiss that scares the hell out of me.” Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Off: If you’re used to thinking, Thou shalt be a lady, thou shalt not be aggressive… How To Make Your Move: Just do it—any time you overthink something, you’ll psych yourself out.

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