Who is tupac dating

Earlier this week, an incredibly pathetic rapper named Lil Xan called Tupac's music "boring." We didn't cover the story because, like everyone else, that was the first we'd ever heard of Lil Xan. , california, del taco, funny, highlarious, legal matters, lil xan, music minute, oops!

But this update is too fucking funny not to cover now!!!

Dre a “closet homo.” He goes on to sarcastically thank other artists in a similarly disparaging way, including Nas, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans, De La Soul, and JAY-Z. Only a small portion of this version appeared on the album’s actual liner notes. Worldwide, Nationwide, Citywide, Real Niggaz Do Real Things,” read the final version.

Gotta Have says that a “very close friend of Tupac’s” provided this longer copy. Last year, the BMW he was shot inside went on sale for $1.5 million.

You would think that this would be the reason why his only words to the officer who ran to his aid after he was shot in 1996 were “f—k you.” However, this disregard for the officer was not unprovoked or solely in reaction to police brutality. It is easy to see how Tupac would have been irritated that one of the last things he heard was a lyric from a Biggie track.

In fact, it was because the officer asked the dying Tupac, “Who shot you? This question is eerily similar to a track by the Notorious B. The next entry on this list will provide some context for the 1994 shooting and may also explain why Tupac took the lyrics of the song so personally.

As dangerous as this may sound, the purpose of it was to decrease the number of gang killings among them.

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