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While the original retribution video has been deleted from his account, there are several earlier videos of his rantings still on You Tube. Futrelle has long warned that incels are dangerous.

Arshy Mann of Daily Xtra says in his tweets that r/Incel subreddit has been moved to r/Braincels.

The Guardian also pointed to the subreddit r/Incel Tears, which monitors the Incel movement.

Consequently, “men who are denied these things tend to get angry.” She said that her and her students’ research has shown that in these online cultures, such as the infamous subreddit r/The Red Pill, which deals in the men’s rights movement, there are lots of,“Basically [self-labelled] beta males," and they’re attempting to, “reassert alpha male" status.

The term beta male is common in what Mann calls the, “Manosphere.” To clarify, the manosphere is a catch-all term that refers to a number of online male communities that overlap, branch off, interface & oppose each other in complicated ways.

Jennifer Berdahl is a professor in UBC’s Sauder Schoool of Business. She gave the Courier some context to Missanian’s actions, and by association, although she hasn’t studied them, incels.

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