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Collin Jennings is one of the main antagonists of Awkward.He is one of the main antagonists in Season 3, alongside Jenna Hamilton.

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Jenna and Collin are together since episode 13 season 3 In season 3 episode 1, Collin is seen in Jenna's creative writing class In season 3, episode 4, Collin is seen in creative writing class receiving his paper.

In season 3, episode 5, Collin is seen reading his paper In Season 3 episode 6, Collin is seen at his girlfriend, Angelique party In season 3 episode 8, Collin comes to support Jenna at her reading at the local coffee house In season 3 episode 9, Collin sees that Jenna is having trouble writing her paper so he sits down and helps her think about how Matty made her feel before he kissed her or the first time he touched her and before she knew anything about him, she memorized his smile, color of his eyes and how he always smelled of chlorine, sunscreen and summer, and when he finally looked at her, she could live off that smile for a week but nothing could compare to the first time he touched her, it was her and Matty were the only two people on earth and she couldn't stand the thought of ever being away from him again. In Redefining Jenna Collin passes Jenna an invitation to a party to which Jenna thinks is a sexy note.

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Collin is later seen on the phone, and revealed to Jenna that he and Angelique broke up because he wanted to be with someone more like Jenna.

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