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If we can get PC buyers familiar with Ubuntu as a phone and tablet experience, then they may be more willing buy it on the PC too.Because no OS ever succeeded by emulating another OS.

“There are many examples of companies and countries that have improved their competitiveness and efficiency by adopting open source strategies.

The creation of skills through all levels is of fundamental importance to both companies and countries.”In 2000, Mark formed the HBD Venture Capital (Here be Dragons), the business incubator and venture capital provider.

In 2000, Mark founded the HBD, as an investment company, and also he created the Shuttleworth Foundation in order to fund the innovative leaders in the society with combination of fellowships and some investments.

“The mobile world is crucial to the future of the PC.

In Ubuntu project, Mark is often referred to with tongue-in-cheek title “SABDFL (Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator for Life)”.

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