Who is glenn danzig dating

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Only and Danzig sparred viciously over behind-the-scenes legal issues, but reached an agreement in 1995 that would allow Only and Doyle to tour as Misfits without their singer.

Doyle stayed with Only's Misfits until 2002, after which Only led a lineup that variously included former Black Flag frontman Dez Cadena and drummers Marky Ramone and Robo.

One of the things you come to accept as a parent is that your life is going to be filled with a series of irrational fears.

After a while you get used to it, but there are a few that never seem to go away.

Fast forward to the night of the prom, the doorbell rings and I walk over to it. He is wearing one of those horrible rental tuxedos with the godawful ruffled shirt and yet he still looks menacing. My daughter dancing down the stairs and leaping into Danzig’s arms, taking pictures out on the front lawn with her, her friends and the dude who once sang the lyrics “I Want Your Skulls, I Need Your Skulls”, sneaking glances at my equally horrified wife. I could see it now….“Honey, you can never see that Danzig fellow again! Back on Monday.” We certainly cannot condone this sort of behavior.

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