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If the task is sorting or filtering, you should always use Excel's built in functions (e.g.

auto filtering), because no VBA code will ever match the speed of those; but if you have special needs, VBA can be a great help.

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rows, but it is tricky, because your range suddenly changes, and if for instance you remove the row you are in, you will suddenly be in the row that was the row below just a moment ago! The first example shows how to remove every second row, and the next how to delete rows going from the last row upwards, if the row above has identical/duplicate values in selected columns.

You can use other criteria, and the task doesn't have to be the removal of rows - that is just the objective for my examples.

The next example is more complex, but probably more useful!

It shows how you can delete rows by using certain criteria.

The method isn't suitable for all tasks, but I think that many people work with very big tables in Excel (e.g.

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