Validating radiobutton

I tried to use the validate field ()* on the print button but nothing works.I tried using the script:f = get Field( if (f.value.length == 0) to validate each individual field but it does not work on the radio button and on the text field it locks up..

validating radiobutton-1

Next, enter an error message in the ERROR MESSAGE field.

This is the error that will appear to a user if the field does not validate.

With just a little use of built-in bootstrap CSS and j Query you can get something that looks a little different from the traditional web look.

I followed this example to validate my 2 textboxes: Template. Article ID=1263 I have 2 radiobuttons, I have them in a panel. Otherwise, they should get a msg like that example. the solution given by ragi0017 would work, since he is using the validating event of the Panel not the radio Button, however, there's a catch there as well, if there are many controls (many panels etc.) the focus might be on some other control when you click on OK and not on that panel, however, you would of course get it at the time when focus shifted from this Panel to any other control. however if you use Double && it will smartly not evaluate the second condition if the First is false.

Can be used with the following elements: FF::ff_securitycode_entered Checks that a security code was entered. FF::ff_securitycode_ok Checks that a valid security code was entered. FF::ff_showvalidation Displays element validation - Used for debugging.

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