Updating multiple rows in gridview

We have created a set of project templates that will help you automatically generate applications that replicate the feature of today's most popular business solutions.The Document Manager now ships with a Metro UI view that helps you build applications optimized for Windows 8. You can create compound application trees, where each node is an application screen.The image below demonstrates Non-Document Mode in action - the Document Manager hosts a Rich Edit Control and is used along with the Dock Manager: With this release, a Document Manager can be hosted within a User Control.

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These features do not require a single line of code and are enabled by default where appropriate.

Tooltips can display any information about the hovered chart element.

You no longer need to specify scale type before providing data for a chart.

This release introduces built-in tooltips and a crosshair cursor.

This feature is only licensed as part of DXperience Universal Edition.

Last modified 13-Sep-2019 12:22