Updating identity column sql server 2016

Suppose you have a table with a large amount of data without an identity column and you want to add an IDENTITY property to the existing column. Consider the following dataset: create table testing (id int not null, value decimal(12,2)) insert into testing(id,value) select 1,rand()*10000 union all select 2,rand()*10000 union all select 3,rand()*10000 union all select 4,rand()*10000 union all select 5,rand()*10000 Now the table testing1 will have data with identity values and just like with Method 1, you can use this identity column for any reference.

This article describes the options for storing JSON documents in SQL Server or SQL Database.

The simplest way to store JSON documents in SQL Server or SQL Database is to create a two-column table that contains the ID of the document and the content of the document.

The sample table created in the preceding example assumes that valid JSON documents are stored in the Every time someone inserts or updates a document in the table, this constraint verifies that the JSON document is properly formatted.

Without the constraint, the table is optimized for inserts, because any JSON document is added directly to the column without any processing.

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