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I am going off for the night - if you cannot wait, opt me out and another expert will assist.

Otherwise, I will return tomorrow around noon your time. The Device Setting window states that if you dont see your device listed below connect it to your computer and turn on. Then the window states that some devices were foundm, however, none have the necessary capabilities.

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If so - power off and disconnect the Garmin and close the Web Update Program if it is running.

Then plug the Garmin's USB cable into the other USB port and power it on. Thanks, Rod Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.

Thanks, Rod Hi, You may have a USB driver conflict - meaning when you connected the Garmin to your computer - windows installed a driver that does not work with the program.

You can try to write over the driver with the Garmin Communicator Driver.

these updates are available from the garmin website.

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