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After all, while the Quran obliges women to dress modestly as a covenant with God, Islam prescribes no punishment whatsoever for women who choose to dress otherwise.On the contrary, on numerous occasions Prophet Muhammad punished an accused rapist on the testimony of the rape survivor alone.

This is a reasonable argument, in part, due to the hypocrisy of allegedly religious men like Congressman Tim Murphy, who condemns abortion and infidelity, yet was caught encouraging his mistress to have one, or former Indiana GOP chair Rick Halvorsen who was convicted of incest.

Yes, Islam implores accountability to the creator, but rather than preach empty dogmatic theories, Islam instead prescribes a proven secular model.

But when people let bad behavior go unchallenged we inch closer to societal anarchy.

In truth, any expectation that we can simply pass a law to stop sexual abuse is foolish.

This is where Islamic teachings and Prophet Muhammad’s example provide a solution that no state truly can.

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