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It starts with words and then it becomes physical, but the words are what linger.

The physical abuse heals quickly, but the emotional keeps coming back because you’re so unsure of yourself.” Sadly, abuse can sometimes even continue once a relationship has ended.

Later in the evening, Sanaa picture-snitched on herself.

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A lot of men are using the legal system to control women and to put them in a state of fear. You know, just provoking you and harassing you with emails.

A few of the things that have happened to me that I know have happened to other women is being followed and surveyed. That overwhelms women and it puts you in a fear state.” For years, there were rumors and reports of domestic abuse in the former couple’s marriage.

The courts eventually ruled in Norma’s favor, as she and Shayla are set to take the trip later this week, but according to the artist and single mother, this has only been one of several of Gibson’s attempts to terrorize her.

“I just have come to a point where I felt that I really want to have a voice and speak up for myself,” Mitchell told Madame Noire regarding her decision to finally speak out.

In addition to a pretty messy divorce, the two have had their share of legal disputes surrounding their 7-year-old daughter, Shayla.

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