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The 60-year-old was not present for the final day of his trial at Swansea Crown Court and it is thought he had taken himself to hospital, from where he later went missing.

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He was confirmed by the United States Senate on September 20, 1983 and received the commission on September 20, 1983. As time went on, however, Starr was increasingly criticized for alleged conflicts of interest stemming from his continuing association with Kirkland & Ellis.

His service terminated on May 26, 1989, due to resignation. § 593(b)), Starr was appointed by a special three-judge division of the D. Kirkland, like several other major law firms, was representing clients in litigation with the government, including tobacco companies and auto manufacturers.

The board said he would continue as chancellor, but on June 1, Starr told ESPN that he would resign that position effective immediately.

Starr was born near Vernon, Texas, and was raised in Centerville.

When the Senate Ethics committee needed someone to review Republican senator Bob Packwood's diaries, the committee chose Starr. In August 1994, pursuant to the newly reauthorized Ethics in Government Act (28 U. The firm itself was being sued by the Resolution Trust Company, a government agency involved in the Whitewater matter.

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