Terms and conditions document for online dating service

Home delivery information, How to use this website, Returns and refunds, and Privacy policy.In addition, you will find other useful information within Customer services. General 1.1 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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A contract where a customer obtains a device at a reduced upfront cost and the amount of the device subsidy goes onto the customer’s tab.

Thereafter, a percentage of the customer’s monthly bill is used to pay down their tab.

Key contract terms are listed in section B.1(iii)a-e of the Code.

The minimum amount that customers will have to pay for wireless services each month if they do not use optional services or incur any additional fees or overage charges.

A policy that explains what is considered to be unacceptable use of the service provider’s wireless services and the consequences of unacceptable use (e.g.

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