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Visual Basic.dll) or a build system (such as Microsoft.

These are special-purpose assemblies and include assemblies that target an individual language (such as Microsoft.

Regions allow for better control of the content in the designer. Error: This property can no longer be referenced, and is included to support existing compiled applications. Use of this property is not recommended because template editing is handled in System.

The recommended alternative is to handle the Html Control Designer. Data Bindings property allows more control of the data bindings associated with the control.

The following tables list the obsolete members in Microsoft assemblies. Alternatives to this technology include Click Once, XAML Browser Applications (XBAP), and Microsoft Silverlight.

All of their types and their members are obsolete and are not supported in the . These assemblies were used to host Windows Forms controls and to run executables in Internet Explorer.

Create Instance And Unwrap that does not take an System.

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