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According to the Rutledge Encyclopedia for Women, this concept was also used as a way to “organize sexual relationships, gender and sexual identity.” After interviewing women from around all different regions of the United States, it seems as if what was used as a means of survival has since been turned into something to balance out a power dynamic.

In communities of color in the United States, one of the major unspoken bans has been on two masculine-presenting women dating.

As stressed by Frank Westerman in his book, the CROWN (Croatian World Network, i.e., this web site) and Nenad Bach had an important role in launching the international media campaign aiming to return from Serbia the stolen Croatian Lipizzaners back to their homeland. Westerman visited on many occasion the town of Lipik, in which numerous noble Lipizzaner horses have been mercilessly assassinated during the aggression.

The Lipik Lipizzaner Stud has been founded in 1843.

To se pitanje uvijek iznova tematizira u ekskursima o Mendelu, Lisenku, rasnoj ideologiji nacista, mijeanju naroda i narodnosti u bivoj Jugoslaviji.

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