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, which explains that it’s Word’s Auto Complete feature, and cannot be turned off. As it turns out, there actually is a way to turn this off in Word 2007, the statement to the contrary in that article notwithstanding.

If you run the following macro, date Auto Complete should no longer occur: The problem was that Auto Text autocomplete was causing problems in the Office 2007 beta because of the way Building Blocks were implemented. In Word 2003 and earlier, the autocomplete checkbox control both dates AND Auto Text.

Applies heading styles to paragraphs of five or fewer words (that do not end with punctuation) after you press ENTER two times.

In Word and Outlook you may have noticed two similarly named Auto Format tabs in the Auto Correct dialog box, and this can cause some confusion.

Auto Format As You Type settings are applied to text while you are typing, while the settings on the Auto Format tab are applied when you run the Auto Format command (which requires using the Quick Access Toolbar).

We need to print these documents with the original date they were sent, not the date that we open them to print. I don't know of a way to stop the field updating without opening the file first (which updates them).

I have tried turning off the Update Automatic Links at Open and the Update Fields before printing boxes, but it still changes the dates on these documents. Is there any way to open the documents with these automatic updating date fields with the original dates or alternatively, a way to find out what the date was before the document was opened so we can manually type it in? The only suggestion I have is to modify the field type to Save Date instead of Date.

We get a lot of documents sent to our office from clients where we then have to print those documents and organize them on their files.

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