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It didn't take very long for producers to make her the Betty to Cavallari's Veronica."The fact that I didn't take life too seriously and was a bit of a party animal didn't often put me in a good light," Cavallari says of being painted as the show's resident bad girl. But during editing, the producers made it seem like he was saying a lot of that to the other girl he was 'seeing' and that I was rolling my eyes at him, which wasn't the case," she writes, referring to Conrad. Producers also had Stephen go up to this same girl's house to hang out, which they made me believe was all on his own, so the joke was on me.

"On a trip to Cabo San Lucas, when Stephen and I were actually broken up, I jumped up on the bar to dance with my girlfriends. Later I would out they told him to go."Though Cavallari and Colletti remained a couple on- and off-screen, being put in made-for-TV situations put a strain on their relationship.

After coming out from the shock, he wanted to become a biomedical engineer and he enrolled in Uni. On his channel he firstly posted the horror video game.

While studying at the university he created his own You Tube channel by name Markipiler and it was around this time he was dropped out from the university because he was focusing on his career rather than studies. Afterwards, he posted numerous videos in which he is doing acting, commenting and playing video games.

His sharing platform is also ranked among the most subscribed ranking. This clearly shows that how much he is successful in professional life.

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