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Not to mention the numerous PL/SQL enhancements made in Oracle 10g and 11g.

PL/SQL and Java appeal to different people in different job roles.

Some of the differences: Both PL/SQL and Java can be used to create Oracle stored procedures and triggers.

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PL/SQL is commonly used to write data-centric programs to manipulate data in an Oracle database.

Example PL/SQL blocks: BEGIN -- A PL/SQL cursor FOR cursor1 IN (SELECT * FROM table1) -- This is an embedded SQL statement LOOP DBMS_OUTPUT.

The following query is handy if you want to know where certain tables, columns and expressions are referenced in your PL/SQL source code.

If you run the above query from SQL*Plus, enter the string you are searching for when prompted for KEYWORD.

Example: Note: If you recompile an object, the LAST_DDL_TIME column is updated, but the TIMESTAMP column is not updated.

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