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After a second serendipitous encounter on the street leaves the actress with an orange juice stain on her dress, she accepts his offer to change clothes in his apartment.

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With so many phone apps designed to help us find “the one”, not to mention a pervasive hook-up culture which gains traction every year, it’s starting to look as though younger generations have lost the basic mechanics of traditional dating.

Now one documentary hopes to re-introduce some positive change into the world of romance. Kelly Cronin and produced by Pure Flix, follows five single individuals ranging from college to middle age as they pursue the lost art of traditional dating in today’s culture. Cronin, who serves as a professor at Boston College, began assigning her class to go on what she called, “traditional dates”.

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If they trip while leaving a restaurant, they are “wasted and suffering from alcoholism.” If they dare meet up with a friend of the opposite sex, rumors circulate about their “new love affair.” Dare to date beautiful women in the spotlight and you can get caught at an unflattering angle at the beach, and soon the world is mocking the way you look and dress along with your new love’s weight gain or stretch marks.

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