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Just about any content you can think of is available online.

Whether you’re looking to download MP4 videos, MP4 music videos, You Tube videos as MP4, how-to’s, network TV shows, cute animal videos, sports, science, politics, the arts, corporate training or whatever – it can all be found online.

He added the force had indexed more than 1,000 videos and takes action against individuals in them “where we can”.

West said police could respond by obtaining criminal behaviour orders at court, which can forbid people from associating with certain people, entering certain areas, wearing hoodies, having unregistered mobile phones or making “contributions to websites”.

“Over the course of a week there were a number of different stabbings and shots fired as a result of a couple of videos they put up against each other as one video goes up and then a response video and so forth, it just raises the tension and makes things happen probably a lot quicker,” one young person said.

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