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For many people, the classic image of a post-war Southdown touring coach is that of their fleet of Harrington Cavaliers, which entered service in 1961, the very end of the period covered by this profile.Undoubtedly one of the great style icons of post-war coachbuilding, the Southdown Cavaliers looked at their best (in my opinion!

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Photo with thanks to John Bristow, via Shane Conway.

Leyland Royal Tiger No.1649, the last of the batch, has just disembarked its passengers after a run up to Victoria Coach Station in London, in 1962. Built 1952-53 Chassis: Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/15.

The "South Coast Express" title was used for a fast coastal service from Bournemouth to Margate, operated jointly with East Kent and Royal Blue.

"Linjebuss" was a Swedish tour operator who used a small number of Southdown coaches (in their blue livery) for tours of Britain.

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