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Calgary Laboratory Services is currently operated under such a model.

Yiu said such integration will allow for tests to be processed more quickly and cost effectively, which will lead to shorter wait times for patients and health professionals.

The lab will have the capacity to accommodate a greater volume of tests, while also providing the opportunity to introduce new high-tech, specialized diagnostics — such as genetic testing — that are currently outsourced.

For a thousand different reasons, you're considering a move this year, and well you should: It's a big ol' country we have here, and opportunity favors those in motion. As sick as you might be of your city's high rents, $9 beers, and miserable dating pool, migrating to the same overhyped town as everyone else won't improve your situation.

But before you start daydreaming of swimming holes, remember: Austin is full. Suddenly you're just another latecomer stuck in traffic, watching the rents go up, the lines get longer, and a pint climb to $8. But as you know, plenty of amazing places are still lurking under the radar.

The project will consolidate eight smaller sites operating in the Edmonton region, many of which are stretched for space.

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