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This strange animal was stuffed by a local businessman, and it was also painted by Johann Müller, an artist from the nearby town of Leutschau [now Levoča in Slovakia].

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Fanning, “and it will be presented to some museum as a curiosity.” The body of the monstrosity was taken to Max Wocher’s Son’s establishment on West Sixth Avenue, where it was prepared for preservation. — A very odd freak has just been born at Goncelin [a commune in the Isère department in southeastern France about 32 kilometers northeast of Grenoble]. Henri Tissot, a merchant, just gave birth to a monstrous animal with the body of an ordinary calf, but with a head that greatly resembles that of a human being, except that it is about one-third larger than that of a human adult. Ruillier, a veterinarian at Pontcharra, when contacted, said he had never before seen anything like it and, given that the monster had been born dead, that he had asked M. An account of the event appears in the June 10, 1909, issue of the Austro-Hungarian newspaper Neue Schlesische Zeitung: A remarkable monstrosity.

Tissot, who agreed, to allow him to dissect the animal’s head in order to report on the case to the [French] national school [of veterinary medicine] at Lyon. In the village of Tepljuh, in the municipality of Drnis, not far from Split the cow of a brewer named Colovic has birthed a monstrous calf.

The following, published in The Medical Brief (vol. Another, relatively recent case is reported in the September 3, 1913, issue of the St. The calf is Holstein and has a black and white body, but the head and face are in human form, except the ears.

The calf weighed about 30 pounds and had no hair, except a slight beard on the face. An affidavit signed by many well-known people of Lunenburg, states they saw the freak just after it was born and that it is unquestionably genuine.

This article is about cow-human hybrids of sexual origin, a subject some readers may find disturbing.

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