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My mother had a deepest desire for becoming a film actress,but the circumstances after her marriage in Thrissur did not allow her to do acting. My mummy was and is the first daughter of their family and she was brought up by her caring daddy[my Nana],and she is called by her brothers and sisters,like ‘Deedhi’,or ‘Chechie’.My daddy had little baldness right from my birth,but his personality is great. I admired my daddy from my childhood and made him faces. My mummy,is the most beautiful,among her cousin sisters,but she could not make out an actress,on screens,herself for her,due to the time differences,and she was called by her college mates in Bhilai,for her expressions co inciding with actress, Rekha;[Rekha,is the hindi actress who had love relation with actor Amitabh Bacchan,and this actress is who said to Aishwarya Rai’s mother, Vrinda Rai,during her childhood,that Aishwarya would be a successful woman in her future].I am bright white in complexion and slim type bodied,with thick shiny black long straight hair on head and 6 feet and 1 inch tall,and 80 kilograms in weight,10 foot size,5 inch circumscized dick size with pinkish red head,36 waist size,42 shoulder size,18 biceps size,with bright,watery,expressful eyes.

The welcome song is like this,”here we dancing,dancing,here,we dancing dancing,here,we dancing dancing to welcome you,h oho, I am the letter w, I am coming to dance, I am coming to dance,dancing in middle and then to run away,dancing in middle and then to run away,here we dancing dancing……”,like that the song continues with all the letters of the word,”welcome”.

My mummy once said me that she was selected to play the role of Jesus,in Bhilai college,while she was studying there,playing a drama[or tableau],about the story of Zaccheus[tax collector].

My mummy started to talk in Chhattisgarhi type of hindi,from her childhood,with her hindi friends and siblings,who were brought up there in Madhya Pradesh, India.

There all malyalees,brought up there,talk in hindi,only.

My daddy’s name was planned to be made as Thomas[by his parents,during his birth],but his parents changed the plan to make it as Jose.

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