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Per The House of Anasi's bio he's a National Newspaper Award finalist, multiple Ontario Newspaper Award winner, and Gemini Award finalist.

The House of Anasi is the publishing house that put out Scott and Tessa's book all about their platonic love, "written" while Scott and Tessa were married and expecting their first child. Scott and Tessa deserve the publicity, celebrity and financial opportunities that come from selling their true story, but they also need to have that precious truth unsullied by skating fans knowing anything about it.

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C'est qu'au-delà du potinage, la situation pose un véritable défi dans un sport où les apparences sont très importantes.

Extremely secretive leaps to mind when recalling Scott and Jessica's discretion during the ultra-appearance conscious run up to the Olympics.

It's been mentioned below that Alma Moir has started following Kaitlyn Lawes. When I look at the latest group of newly-minted VM fans, they are exactly the same as the 2010 group of VM fans.

Publicly exchanging fan fic and speculation, but believing if they tip toe, Scott and Tessa won't notice.

Re the latest title photo on the blog: The blog's upcoming (use a Scott Moir-type time estimate) photo essay chronicle of Bryce Davison's public journey through the vale of romantic betrayal, anguish and humiliation is a work in progress, and while hunting for a particular screen cap of Jessica Dube, I noticed Tellement Sports' caption beneath its facebook video of Menage a Trois sur la Glace: Malgré leur rupture amoureuse, Jessica Dubé patine toujours avec Bryce Davison, mais son coeur bat dorénavant pour Scott Moir, l'ancien meilleur ami de Bryce et partenaire de Tessa Virtue.

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