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Our presenters Ashlie and Stephen are on a mission to find the perfect birthday present for their mum in London’s Camden Market. Our reporter Carmen looks at the origins of punk, its influence on British fashion and how it’s evolving in the 21st century.Ashlie and Stephen go on a trip to Wales, where they decide to relax in very different ways.They take Jazz on a trip around London to see the sights and famous places.

Watch as Stephen and Poppy help Ashlie add some spice to her blog. Stephen suffers a fall at the skate park and Ashlie ends up taking him to hospital. Perhaps they could start their own business instead – as young people do in the UK every year.

Joe meets some of Britain’s brightest young business... In this episode Stephen has a new job; he's playing Shakespeare.

Meanwhile, Amandeep finds out a little more about the recent history of this area - and meets the young artists...

Ashlie’s sure her band is going to make it big – and Stephen wants to be a part of it!

Ashlie and Stephen are off to Northern Ireland, the smallest part of the United Kingdom.

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