Salem revisited updating the mtbe controversy

The panel met several times and heard testimony on the University of California study and other reports on MTBE.

Subsequently, it released its report on 27 July 1999.

In California, the legislature passed the ``MTBE Public Health and Environmental Protection Act of 1997'', which required regulators to study MTBE and its potential health impacts.

Until then, individual states would be allowed to seek a waiver from the Clean Air Act oxygenate mandate.

Moreover, this bill will require re®ners to increase their use of renewable fuels to 3.3% of total gasoline sales by 2010, starting with a 1.3% mandate in 2000.

Thereafter, University of California researchers reported widespread MTBE contamination throughout the state, primarily due to leaking USTs, and that cleanup of the pollution would be costly and technically challenging.

The researchers also concluded that MTBE poses a health threat to the public because some studies linked MTBE to cancer in animals.

28 This law took e€ect immediately because Arizona is not in a mandatory reformulated gasoline area, therefore, the state has the right to change the nature of its state programs.

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