Russian dating domestically submissive

Right away, she gets hooked up to Dixie, with a crotch rope going up through a pulley and back down to seated Dixie's suspended leg. The two ladies, hot for whatever they can get, still in their restraints, turn their attentions to each other. The technical and visual emphasis in this lukewarm episode seems to be on crotch ropes, and in that sense, it truly succeeds.

Next, the two women are standing, with their crotches cut by the same rope with the pulley in the middle. Grade: B Anne Bruno is behind bars, weeping, wearing a blue, knee-length shirt dress.

After waltzing around it saying so much as, if the gag were off, "What? " Following close-ups of her warming up her pussy for the task, she gently and gradually lowers herself onto "that." Dissolve to arms tied out to the side, but not very taut.

She does a little seated dance around the pole she's sitting on and massages her breasts to boot. On the one hand, it would be nice if she resisted a bit more, but on the other hand, we have a woman who will take whatever you bring on. Note: Not illustrated is a brief scene in which a feminine pair of hands fasten clothespins to Georgia's nipples, and four more to each breast.

All that is prologue to the finest breast bondage HOM can offer.

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