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Indicators for changes would be the Sturm being the second most expensive Battlecruiser.

Other Fixes / Changes: Fixed Docking in Warp Glitch.

This appears when you're turning your Ship or are in Reverse. After a certain time, 20 mins, it becomes available for all to loot. During endgame, add bonus to power based on your size to put high pressure on smaller factions. Spinals ( Cannons Grey, Phasers Red ) have now different colors to be easily recognized. Upcoming fixes and Solutions: Players falling into the void once spawned at NPC assimilated bases: Add spawn location to mission bases. NPC BASES DO NOT HAVE ANY WEAPONRY, AS A LAST STAND BASE YOU NEED TO DEFEND IT WITH YOUR OWN SHIPS.

Changes to Economy: Megabase automatically restocking has been Stopped. Raise spawn position slightly when teleporting to bases to prevent the jump. If your home square is occupied by another faction, that base becomes a vassal of the larger faction. NPC Bases made out of turrets once main base was destroyed and players start spawning at NPC bases: Add a Max Level value to bases, so know if it even can be upgraded any further.

Changes: Need some way for the leader to select different bases. Also working on 52 ships to have the standard weld script, so no parts fall off any longer. WE DO NOT REFUND LOSSES BY OWN BASE WITHOUT VIDEO PROOF.

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