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The couple is currently discussing a future together—one that does not include Dan's job."Some guys in those clubs, you can tell they are lifers.

That's what they call them, and you can tell they love it, or at least like it, and they are so good," she explains.

T-Pain may have expressed it best singing, “I’m in love with a stripper” — because the truth is, he’s not the only one.

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The first few days of dancing, I was discovering what my boundaries are. I added on the last name Lee, because there was a ring to it. 24 hours later, I needed to find a new name, so my manager and I pulled out the trusty phone and Googled "Top 100 Stripper Names." Because I was working at Hustler– one of the largest Strip Clubs in Las Vegas – I went through all 100, with every name already in the computer. How many days, or nights, do you typically work a week? The choice is really yours; Stripping is a fantastic job for anyone who likes to be their own boss. NL: There is a lot of jealousy with men in any industry. Jealousy usually shows up when they have their own issues with self-confidence. I’ve never had to go to the bank and ask for a small business loan. I would consider going out with them if he is well known and/or a celeb. I fall into the "The Girlfriend Experience" at the club, which means everyone wants to take me home to their mom.

Stripping is an industry where you learn what your lines are real quick: what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable; where people can touch you and where when they touch you you’ll slap them – playfully, of course, and then you’ll call them a “naughty” boys. Because hundreds of girls dance there, there are strippers with stage names that are every type of sports car you can imagine – from Ferrari to Tesla, almost every state in the Union, and even numbers, such as Seven and Ten. You're an Independent Contractor, which means you don't have a fixed schedule. Insecurity is one of the unsexist attributes to me so I don’t usually keep those guys around. NL: I am now the mother of an 18-month old daughter by the name of Winner. For me, if I’m going to interact with you outside of the club I need a great connection. But, it has been a great side hustle as I transitioned from working for someone else to starting my own company.

I'm on POF and lately I've come across a few stripper profiles.

Some of the dancers I've seen in the club, others I've never seen before.

Off the pole (but on the record), we chatted with two female strippers about how often they get hit on, how they meet men and how their stage names came to be. Do you prefer the term stripper or dancer or something else? Girls get offended by the term, “stripper”, but it is what it is. KKD: I always say that I'm a “dancer who strips” versus a “stripper who dances” since my background is as a professional dancer and specialty artist.

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