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The child upon questioning by the Bureau related her story. I had phlegm, when I was in school and one day one of the teacher’s advised me to seek treatment at the Hemmathagama government hospital and was given a letter to that effect. There the doctor at the OPD checked me and advised me to go to the OPD ward. There the doctor advised me to take my blouse off as he wanted to examine me.

“It was then clear that the person who was doing this was the same person engaging in the acts”, the spokesperson for the Child Protection Bureau said.

The video was handed over to the Bureau because several females seen in it were school children dressed in their uniforms.

However, the suspect has since been remanded following an order by the Mawanella Magistrate N D B Karaliyedda.

It addition to this activity at the hospital ward, the suspect is also alleged to have taken semi-naked photos of female patients at two of his dispensaries at Hemmathagama and at his official residence.

Other than that she has starred in few other films and many other television dramas and TV commercials.

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