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Every mech unit in the game can transform from battle mech mode to jet fighter mode during combat 5 years ago @a1200, Thanks for fixing it, I was sure that someone was going to be happy to have a DVD5 (4.7GB) copy of this game. 5 years ago Thanks, but this ISO is INCOMPLETE, so you can only play the first 6 episodes.

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Once the "diligent work" is over, the time has come to be a coach.

Guide your Sim's way through life, building up a profession, discovering love, and seeking after dreams and cravings.

Begin with your Sim, refining every shape, shading and identity attribute until you get the exact individual that satisfies you.

Outline your fantasy home, however don't give a network a chance to utmost you; put, pivot and stack furniture and dividers uninhibitedly and to your heart's substance.

Pre-assembled eateries your Sim can visit for a date, as a component of a club with Get Together or for family night. Prepared to carry on with a more liberated, more innovative life?

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