Pros cons consolidating your debt

You turn on the light every 30 days and they scatter as you try to stomp them.Wouldn’t it be easier if you just had one roach to chase down?

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Stability comes with having one monthly payment due on a specific date.

It’s a methodical and effective way to get out of debt, since you can’t just make minimum payments that don’t put a dent in the total amount owed.

If you are considering asking a friend or family member for help with money, you should be willing to sit down with them, share your budget, debts, monthly payments and interest rates with them.

Show them that you can afford to pay them back and how you plan to do that, including highlighting budget areas that you have already cut back or are willing to cut back.

Borrowing from family and friends to consolidate your debt is the best option when you know someone who has the resources to help you, is willing to help you, and does not need a swift repayment.

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