Professional radiocarbon dating

Laboratory address: Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory ul. The Exodus tradition relays a sequence of events for which no precise historical setting has ever been established.Documentary evidence from Egypt has failed to substantiate the Biblical account.

You have to know what the atmospheric carbon level (the radiocarbon 'reservoir') was like at the time of an organism's death, in order to be able to calculate how much time has passed since the organism died.

What you need is a ruler, a reliable map to the reservoir: in other words, an organic set of objects that you can securely pin a date on, measure its C14 content and thus establish the baseline reservoir in a given year.

But before that, only fragmentary data is available, making it very difficult to definitively date anything older than 13,000 years.

Reliable estimates are possible, but with large /- factors.

Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory is the first such institution in the Central-Eastern Europe.

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