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The calls she so desperately longed for also started pouring in as the producers of TV drama series Tahidi High contacted her for a role.

The show was an instant hit and Pierra was back in the limelight.

“I started getting offers from producers all over Africa including Nollywood and suddenly a full-fledged career in acting did not seem so out of reach,” she says.

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Seeking to re-establish her roots, she quit her Namibia position in 2008 and came back home, taking up a position as a TV advertising producer with Scanad Kenya Limited.

She held the position for two years and it re-ignited her acting career.

Eventually, her determination bore fruit as she was recruited to do odd production jobs on the set of the inaugural season of popular reality music show, Tusker Project Fame.

Determined to network with industry bigwigs, she poured herself into her duties and soon enough, climbed through the ranks becoming a camerawoman.

That, however, should not be taken to mean that she did not work hard to get where she has.

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