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Salman's lawyers cite an interview the friend name Nemo gave to FBI agents after the attack, in which he copped to acting as a front for Salman's affairs. 'In addition to Mateen's attempt to establish secret sexual relationships, documentary evidence establishes that Mateen regularly contacted escorts seeking sexual services during his marriage to Ms. They say that the evidence about his serial affairs should be added to evidence to prove that Salman was not lying when she told officers that she thought her husband was with Nemo the night of the attack.

'He used to make excuses to his family that, 'I'm going to a certain place -' or, to his wife, that, 'I'm going to a certain place, and I'm going to go see Nemo.' But in fact, he would go somewhere else... 'The evidence is relevant to rebut the Government's allegation that Ms.

The wife of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen says he was a serial cheater who slept with prostitutes and women off dating sights like Plenty of Fish.

The revelation was made in court documents filed Monday by Noor Salman's defense team.

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