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it's not surprising… GDPR prompts Insurers to use automation to speed up & simplify compliance burdens.Before #Insur Tech solutions, #Insurers reported it took 3 years to re-issue and receive back signed TOBAs from 2,000 producing #brokers...

A catalyst for conversation, Orange Sky Laundry facilitates over 1300 hours of volunteering and conversation each week.

The organisation has also responded to natural disasters, helping cyclone-affected communities in North Queensland, residents of the Great Ocean Road Bushfires, and more recently, Adelaide flood victims.

Several beaches are within walking distance of the town – Brant Point, Children’s and Jetties – and cycle and jogging paths weave their way around the island.

Fresh fish and seafood dominate restaurant menus and, fitting in with the kind of visitors the island attracts, there are plenty of boutiques, antique shops, museums and galleries.

The Duchess of Sussex has sent the bouquet she carried during yesterday's #Royal Wedding to Westminster Abbey to rest on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. @Kensington Royal @Royal Family CEl4M4u 1 in 4 have depression in their life.

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