Onew and taeyeon dating

Onew and Jonghyun are best friends and have been ever since they were little kids.

They share a bond tighter than that of any friendship and yet can a single intrusion of one girl loosen that bond forever? VHave you ever had that feeling as if someone had just slashed your chest open, ripped your heart out and stomped on it a few times?

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We've been friends since we were kids...." Jonghyun blabbed on about me to Taeyeon and about Taeyeon to me. My head nodded to ensure that I was paying attention, but I was more concentrated on the their hands that were wrapped so tightly around one another. But my mind was soon interrupted when I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket. I excused myself from the table and answered my phone to a far car corner."Onew, did you already tell the parents? The woman never says a simple "hello" or "hi." Who does nowadays? " She asked."No not yet..." My voice trailed off as I looked to my right and saw Jonghyun playing with Taeyeon's hair."When are you going to tell him? Plus, he's going to be now so I'm sure he won't mind.""Of course he'll mind!

Summer break is only a few days away," She reminded me."I know, I know," I said irritatedly.

In the repackaged album Hello, he wrote the rap for the title track "Hello", and co-wrote the raps for "One" and "Get It".

In their 1st Japanese studio album "The First", Minho is also credited for creating additional raps to the songs Better, To Your Heart, and Stranger.

After his recovery, Minho finally came back in August 2010 to continue his activities and promotions of Shinee's second full length studio album, "Lucifer".

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