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If a customer falls victim to this phishing email and clicks on the malicious link, they will be redirected to a non-DBS website requesting for credit card details and an OTP.A sample website is seen below:hxxp[:]//dal-business-28.hostwindsdns.com/~bezakhja hxxp[:]//yepnim.estate hxxp[:]//hwsrv-269164.hxxp[:]//dal-business-28.hostwindsdns.com/~cpbvpoaf hxxps[:]//sea-business-16[.]hostwindsdns[.]com/~hmzofvdj/ hxxp[:]//mohdyasin[.]tech/amstel/ We have detected a phishing email and website targeting DBS customers and leading to a fake DBS Internet Banking login page.

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Such websites are used to conduct card not present transactions but may also be utilized in order to steal personally identifiable data, username-password combinations, OTPs or infect a user’s device. DBS i Banking customers How can you protect yourself from this?

We have detected a phishing website targeting POSB customers and mimicking POSB Internet Banking login page.

We have detected a phishing campaign targeting DBS customers and Singaporean residents with automated phone calls.

These calls claim that a customer’s account is disabled and request for the customer to follow a sequence of instructions before being routed to an individual impersonating a DBS staff member.

These phishing emails comes from a non DBS email address and requests customers click on a link to unlock their i Banking account.

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