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He would also release some very nice nice touristy behind the scenes photos, which saw the photo/film crew having dinner with models such as Jo, Sophie Moone and Peaches.Essentially, the models sign their release forms and get paid, and the owners of the photos do what they want afterwards as far as distribution is concerned.

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Lots of people are thinking that working in the model-industry is a walk in the park and easy money. When you're doing a shoot you want the results to be perfect, because they are your portal to new assignments.

So you're putting a lot of your energy in a shoot. If your focus during a shoot wasn't 100%, it WILL show in the results. By the way: Talking from the other side of the camera, I can tell you from my own experience, that the above also applies to the photographer. I had heard elsewhere that some guys can churn out a lot of shoots in a day - mainly pointing and clicking away with girls getting in and out of half a dozen different bikinis.

If my numbers are right, they probably have a whole lot more in the locker. Rather than unload of the scenes at once, it keeps a model in focus long after they have moved on to other things. For all of the folks in the back row: I AM NOT GOING TO WORK WITH HEGRE. I have my own website now and only do things I WANT to do.

I sincerely hope that I won't see anymore whining and begging in this respect. I hope this has put an end to the endless speculation and pleading.

When you shoot multiple sets in 1 day then, sooner or later, the exhaustion will eat away your focus. I guess that there will be a drop in quality of course, with some photosets looking a little repetitive.

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