No dating zone in campus

They are also the only sisters performing in the production, a wonderful experience for them both.

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While you might be ready for the next level, your friend would rather keep you right over there in the corner.

Don’t stop reading after that comma because that bro is a game changer.

It crushes my heart to say it, but if your friend is incapable of letting meaningful phrases like “I love you” stand alone, then he’s already shipped you across the country with Amazon Prime speed to the friend zone. Florida State University junior Stephanie Shaw said, “I know girls who have taken their guy friends bra shopping with them because they didn’t think of them in a sexual way.” Just because you’re getting closer as friends doesn’t mean that a budding romance is developing, too.

So whether you’re chugging beers together or shopping for lingerie together, don’t be fooled into thinking your friend is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Well that’s interesting because there is no one else like me.

If you find yourself hearing this phrase, it’s basically a cop out for someone who likes you in the friend zone and intends to keep you there.

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