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if not what exact parts would i need to buy to get my car running healthly again. Artem, I had to replace the chain guides (plastics) inside the heads and the 1/2 moon gaskets etc etc...the mark on the camshaft have to be dead center on the arrow (stamped in head) or there's some tolerance?

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If it moved slightly, then use the camshaft tool to put them back in their place.

The camshaft "keys" (the one's that the camshaft tool goes into) can only be installed one way so even if the camshaft sprocket is loose, you can still use the "keys" to align the camshaft correctly. He is asking the same question that I have - took off the camshaft sprocket and the it saw the camshaft spin about 30 degrees clockwise on the passenger side camshaft - how do I get it back to it's exact position?

now let me add that the bolt is missing that holds it in place and i see wear on a small metal piece that was left hanging on the slot where the pulley is supposed to be. Since there is no tension on the belt your power steering will be gone and your alternator will not work so your battery will not be recharging as you drive.

Is it safe to drive it home 20 miles on the express way with out the serp belt or could i still bypass it to get home. Does the battery have enough juice to last 20 miles? If you replace the tensioner then it is also a good idea to replace the serpentine belt as well.

You can buy both tools on ebay for $60 and then sell them for almost the same amount.

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