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How would you prefer to split the rent or mortgage payment — 50/50 or 60/40? What arrangements are in place should one party be unable to have his or her money ready in time when the bills arrive?And, more importantly, what about joint property issues?Meet girls and guys from all over the world through video dating Coomeet.

Money is frequently a source of conflict for both unmarried and married couples.

Therefore, avoid any unnecessary financial miscommunications by establishing well in advance who pays for what when dividing any shared expenses.

“When it’s in writing, it’s a mutually agreed-upon document,” says author and New York City-based matrimonial attorney Arlene Dubin. Entering into a new phase of your relationship could spur a conversation about where you are now — and where you’re going down the road together as a couple.

“You’re both literally on the same page.” Are you exclusive? A dating contract helps outline the purpose of your relationship and serves as a kind of road map for navigating through difficult times when they arise.

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