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Brzezinski again brought up the celebration Trump hosted in the Rose Garden when a bill had passed only in the House was months to years away from receiving the president's signature.'There was a Rose Garden ceremony where the president made everybody look like fools,' she said.'A proven liar and they went to the White House to be made to look like fools.

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Brzezinski suggested that Senate Republicans should find it easier than working with President Trump.'Who undermines them, slams them, says bad things about them. To bully them, throw them under the bus, make up new plans, have Rose Garden ceremonies, humiliate them. ' she said.'Why don't you work with Democrats,' she insisted.

Scarborough then added that Trump 'doesn't understand any of the policy.''No clue,' Brzezinski said.

It's amazing.'Her counterpart then pointed out that on health care there were real opportunities for conservatives, as both Medicaid and Obamacare needed to be fixed, and free market principles could be used.'That would take real leadership,' Brzezinski said.

However, the ex-congressman noted, his party was focused on giving tax cuts to its donors.'At a time when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer at a faster rate than ever before in our nation's history this is the point where Republicans say, "Hey, we've got a great idea, we're going to cut a trillion dollars of benefits from the poorest Americans and we're going to give it to the wealthiest Americans,'' 'Scarborough said.

Brzezinski says they met privately with Trump and his wife in a bedroom and were led out through the party. Trump responded with outrage on Twitter more than an hour after they made the on-air claim.'Watched low rated @Morning Joe for first time in long time. The Morning Joe hosts assessed that Trump that has a 'fixation' with women, and he insults Brzezinski - with whom he has 'a disturbing obsession' - more ferociously than Scarborough.'He appears to have a fragile, impetuous child-like ego that we've seen over and over again, especially with women. She said she was aware that Trump would respond to her needling on Thursday over faked Time Magazine covers that hang in his clubhouses but she stands by her joke.'It is unbelievably alarming that this president is so easily played. Kellyanne Conway, the president's counselor, served at the White House's sacrificial lamb, appearing on as ABC on Friday morning as Brzezinski and Scarborough went to battle with her boss on MSNBC.'I endorse the president’s right to fight back when he is being mercilessly attacked,' she told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. 'The tweet appeared to be in reaction to the hosts calling him 'a proven liar', and came after a series of clashes between him and Scarborough and Brzezinski, to whom he had previously been close.

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