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He's since embraced his supernatural nature and attempts to use his abilities to protect his friends and family against supernatural threats.He is aided by his Teen Wolf Pack which range from human like his best friend Stiles Stilinski to many forms of supernatural creatures like like his first bitten Beta Liam Dunbar.Scott explains that they're looking for someone named "Stiles", however, he suffers from dementia, mistaking Scott for his son.

(Read More...) Scott creates his first Beta and goes through an internal struggle with the question of whether he's an Alpha or a monster while also forming a relationship with Kira Yukimura.

(Read More...) Scott encounters Theo Raeken who attempts to take his pack and Alpha status.

He becomes slightly more aggressive when the tow truck driver returns to take it anyways.

(Read More...) Scott, Malia and Lydia prepare to leave Canaan after a failed attempt to figure out what took place.

His family life was shaky as his father drank excessively and fought with Melissa constantly, if not cheated on her according to Elias Stilinski.

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