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The Sun quotes an onlooker as saying: "With Nancy, Paul appeared happier and more relaxed than he has for a long time.

They were chatting like old friends and seemed totally wrapped up in their conversation.

After that, he became a member of a musical group and in the next three years, their CD’s were sold and heard frequently.

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Moreover, he has also strongly given his voice to several musicals and video games.

Jesse has won numerous prestigious awards throughout his career as well as he has fortunately made impressive net worth.

Arthur's kind of a stud with Beatles-esque charm flowing through his veins. Arthur's mom is Mary Mc Cartney -- Paul and Linda's first child together.

Ava and Arthur also stopped off for a drink at a bar. Hard to tell if Ava and Arthur are just in the friend zone or starting a romance.

And the 65-year-old appears to have put worries over his bitter divorce battle with Heather Mills on hold.

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